Frequently Asked Questions

What if I only need one thing done, not everything, like a cover but not editing or interior design?
Great! We would love to help out with whatever we can, and will adjust our price quote depending on exactly what you need.

How is pricing determined?
Most of our prices will be pretty consistent. The ones that may vary are the interior design and copy editing, depending on how long your book is (i.e. a 50k-word book should cost roughly 1/3 of a 150k-word book).

Do I get all the proceeds from my book sales?
Of course! You only pay us for OUR services; we can help you set up all the payment details, but then the money will go straight from Amazon (or whoever) to you! 

Are you a publishing company?
No, we help YOU take all the steps to self-publish a beautiful book. All you have to do is write it!

Can you get my book published by a publishing house?
No, unfortunately at this time, we have no connections to any publishing houses. We do not agent for authors. We only help unsigned authors publish via self-publishing platforms.

Do I keep the rights to my book?
Of course! We take no ownership of your book ever. A shoutout in the copyright page will always be appreciated though!

Are you familiar with other publishing platforms besides Kindle (Amazon)?
Yes! And we will chat with you to figure out exactly which route is best for you and what you’re trying to accomplish.

Why do you have a deposit required?
Our deposit simply ensures that you won’t run away once you have your book in hand, leaving us with nothing! Believe it or not, it has happened before… Plus, putting your money down will motivate you to see the project through to the end! Too many people give up on their dreams prematurely.